psychologist || in a sentence


Patterson, a psychologist, has tested Koko’s IQ.

Some psychologists raise doubts about Pepperberg’s research.

psychologists infer the workings of the mind from how the body behaves.

psychologists describe romantic love as a combination of intimacy and passion.

psychologists have proposed a number of criteria with which to define abnormality.

psychologists regard learning as more than simply the process of acquiring knowledge.

In the past, psychologists often classified homosexuality as a form of mental illness.

psychologists label behavior as abnormal if it violates accepted standards of society.

psychologists have a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of their subjects.

Defining the concept of abnormal behavior has been an ongoing struggle for psychologists.

Defining the concept of abnormal behavior has been an ongoing struggle for psychologists.

psychologists describe forgetting as the loss in accessibility of previously stored information.

Some psychologists believe that dreaming is simply a consequence of random activity in the brain.

Both psychologists and philosophers are keenly interested in determining the origins of knowledge.

Some psychologists suggest that creative individuals are more likely to suffer from mood disorders.

Forty percent of child psychologists advise parents of pre-schoolers to “confirm Santa’s existence.

psychologists systematically measure people’s responses to carefully constructed questions and tasks.

psychologists describe thinking as a set of processes used to manipulate knowledge, ideas and images.

psychologists have observed that most of the process of forgetting occurs soon after initial exposure.

The scientific method is the main tool used by psychologists for investigating both the mind and behavior.

Many psychologists believe that most animal species, including humans, seem to share basic learning mechanisms.

psychologists use surveys to sample reported behavior broadly by gathering responses from many different individuals.

Many psychologists believe that we form our attitudes and opinions of ourselves in part by observing our own behavior.

psychologists have shown that externally supplied rewards sometimes actually lower a person’s desire to perform a task.

The transition between sleep and waking has been described by psychologists as a change in one’s level of consciousness.