pseudonym in a sentence

The songwriters also took on Christmas-related pseudonyms.

The text to the left reads “Art: Chuck Higby”, a pseudonym.

They diguise themselves as humans and go along with pseudonyms.

She also used the pseudonym Liang Jing (??), though very rarely.

Hiro later posts on his blog under the pseudonym of Jotaro Kujo.

He also had begun to write newspaper articles under a pseudonym.

Author Ann Rule gave Knickerbocker the pseudonym of Lew Lewiston.

161346 He sometimes wrote under pseudonyms, including Alan Cochran.

He was accepted into the band and given the pseudonym Michale Graves.

Within the society Bonifacio used the pseudonym Maypagasa (“Hopeful”).

Franklin W. Dixon is a pseudonym invented in the 1920s by a publisher of children’s books.

Valmont Thomas) and Orangutan (Keiko Green), pseudonymed members of an online recovery group.

Not love, only business,” said Han, who used a pseudonym as prostitution is illegal in China.

Highsmith published the novel, “The Price of Salt,” in 1952, under the pseudonym Claire Morgan.

Airbnb could conceal guests’ names, for instance, or use pseudonyms similar to those used on eBay.

This leads to a more prominent role in our analysis for different kinds of safeguards, including technical and organisational measures to ensure functional separation, such as full or partial anonymisation, pseudonymisation,aggregation of data , and privacy-enhancing technologies (see further in Section III.2).