Prussian in a sentence

All units are Prussian unless otherwise noted.

Christianity along western lines slowly spread through Prussian culture.

Prussian authorities imprisoned 185 priests and forced hundred others into exile.

The remaining buildings were built according to Prussian standard designs.

Polish peasants and urban citizens turned against Prussian officials.

The Prussian toll was therefore very simple and efficient.

The city was occupied by Prussian troops until 1850.

It remained a Prussian province until 1945.

In 1808 Prussian army uniforms underwent some considerable changes.

The Prussian government had been gradually restoring discrimination against Jews.

He had also spent several years in Prussian universities.

Prussian authorities party took over the function of imperial authorities.

The Prussian armies were beaten and driven from both battlefields.

The Prussian generals opted to fall back.

The king again granted broad privileges to the Prussian cities.

The year 1759 saw some severe Prussian defeats.

Many of the Prussian infantry perished while cavalry escaped.

These democratic efforts were oppressed by the Prussian state.

It was turned into a Prussian military garrison town.

The other ten were from Prussian lands.

Prussian influence may be seen in the organizational setup.

His black hair was carefully brushed in the Prussian style.

Gambling was later outlawed by Prussian authorities in 1872.

The settlers founded numerous towns and cities on former Prussian settlements.

The Prussian people once again lost interest in politics.