proxies in a sentence

Organized credit card fraud rings often use anonymous proxies .

All proxies are checked against this list.

The proxies were in practice widely used.

Therefore so called “push proxies ” were introduced.

The 9 proxies contain only 33 measurements beyond 1910 .

It is impossible to detect all proxies .

Users should understand these consequences when using web proxies .

These monkeys are among the best proxies for infant humans.

Larger institutional investors also grant the board proxies .

A motion to limit proxies to 5 per person was defeated.

Historical estimates use various measurements and proxies .

This algorithm calculates the round trip delay between the proxies .

It shares the objects within the proxies .

It should have said nine proxies that extended past 1950 .

Further reconstructions were published, using additional proxies and different methodology.

There are anonymizing proxies that provide slightly more private web access.

This is due to numerous proxies representing different atmospheric carbon dioxide content.

proxies must be completely transparent regarding user agent access authentication.

He used tree rings and proxies to support this.

However, they are seen as government proxies .

These companies may use transparent proxies or other techniques.

Instead, proxies are used to obtain an indirect estimate.

The proxies match each other well for century periods?