Provincial in a sentence

His manner marks him as a provincial.

Education is a responsibility of the provincial government.

All prices shown are inclusive of both federal and provincial tax.

The Premier has called a provincial election for the 12th of October.

The Liberal Party want her to run as a candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

provincial zoning laws prohibit the sale of farmland for any other purpose than farming.

The oil fields of Alberta are a major source of tax revenue for the provincial government.

You must register your business with the appropriate federal or provincial tax authorities.

The provincial government has announced additional cuts to the education budget for next year.

The NDP has won another provincial election, however, this time it is by the narrowest of majorities.

The provincial government has decided to maintain university tuition fees at the same level for another year.

In 1968, all 10 of Canada’s provincial premiers agreed to draft a new Constitution giving the French language equal status with English throughout Canada.

The girl was bitten while hiking in Dinosaur provincial Park Friday.

Quebec’s provincial police were called to the scene around midnight.

745275 The man was held to appear at provincial court in the morning.

provincial government officers will also get some money from the fund.

The investigation has been turned over to the provincial fire marshal.

A meeting will be held with provincial government officials on Friday.

“During an election, the provincial government is in caretaker status.

provincial sales tax (PST): “The Premier is not embracing a sales tax..

Two months ago, this alliance captured the provincial capital of Idlib.

The provincial government is crediting an extra emphasis on recruitment.

Investigators with the provincial police are examining two crime scenes.

Turning a provincial city into an international destination is not easy.

358527 In fact, none has ever held a seat in the provincial legislature.