protective in a sentence

Birds, for instance, have a special protective device.

This new protective coating helps your car to resist rust.

The ozone acts as a protective layer over the surface of our planet.

protective form and coloration are adaptations shown by many animals.

Man, too, has been given protective devices against extreme temperatures.

Baseball players wore protective helmets for the first time in June of 1938.

A turtle’s protective shell is very useful in keeping it safe from predators.

She is fiercely protective of her children, and will never admit they are at fault.

The bullet penetrated the policeman’s protective vest, but didn’t cause any serious injury.

When attaching a polarizing plate, set it first and then attach a protective plate (a clear acrylic plate).

Snails produce a colorless, sticky discharge that forms a protective carpet under them as they travel along.

Studies show that the majority of bicycle head injuries could have been prevented had the riders worn protective helmets.