prone in a sentence

Despite being obese, a heavy drinker, and accident-prone , Peter appears to be in great health.

The plan also called for the removal of the venerable and accident-prone liquid fueled Titan II from use.

In its prime, Van Halen was as sticky, sweaty, and accident-prone as the best keggers.

He is anti-social, castration-ridden, racked with Oedipal guilt, and accident-prone … functioning neurotic”.

He is still the accident-prone villain he had been in the Wacky Races and still owns the Mean Machine.

These two were an accident-prone singing duo who were in the pilot but only actually lasted throughout the first season.

For this year , we will be addressing black areas ( accident-prone stretches) and add overtaking lanes all along.

Ironically, while McKean buried his accident-prone reputation, Brazil’s Jose-Luis Barbosa tripped up on the penultimate lap.

She had to be at her most persuasive before being allowed to send the tempramental and accident-prone filly over timber.

It ‘s also a good thing that her course requires a lot of sitting down because she’s very accident-prone .

Very little vegetation grows in drought-prone regions such as this.

She is really accident-prone and always has bandages somewhere on her body.

He is an excellent soccer player but is injury-prone and often has to miss games.

He comes from an earthquake-prone area so he knows what to do if there is ever one here.

Sam Bradford continued to be woefully inconsistent and turnover-prone.

Millions more American are moving into wildfire-prone areas every decade.

It’s also been professionally painted and rust-prone parts have been removed.

The fire center said human waste should be buried or removed from fire-prone areas.

He painted both the federal Liberals and Conservatives as cynical and scandal-prone.

McCoy’s birthday last May saw him reach 40 – a crossroads age for injury-prone jump jockeys.

The defense took care of the rest, holding the mistake-prone Niners scoreless after halftime.

She described the park as in a “fire-prone” area and said animals are adept at escaping wildfires.

I have not seen much change in behavior in assessing landslides or staying out of slide-prone zones.”