promote awareness in a sentence

1 We also highlight certain information to promote awareness .

2 Media scholars are conducting research to promote awareness of information overload.

3 To promote awareness , the group has conducted radio interviews.

4 The project will also promote awareness of water conservation among customers.

5 It was to promote awareness for the cause .

6 He appeared in a TV campaign promoting awareness of prostate cancer.

7 Promotes awareness of the negative health impacts of wood smoke.

8 The institute manages many ecological activities to promote awareness toward the environmental issues.

9 Orange ribbons are used to promote awareness and prevention of self-injury.

10 It promotes awareness of the integrative aspects of the project.

11 The foundation promotes awareness and prevention of head injuries, especially among children.

12 Our approach is to promote awareness of the duties the Regulations impose.

13 They promoted awareness of RMH in their schools and communities.

14 Read on for a presentation promoting awareness and best practices for prevention.

15 This council manages, educates and promotes awareness of PCI security standards.

16 The volunteer’s message is to promote awareness of the sanctity of life.

17 To interpret and promote awareness of the natural heritage of these iconic sites.

18 OBG produces comprehensive country Reports which are designed to promote awareness of countries.

19 Its goal is to recreate and promote awareness of Carib traditions and culture.

20 Creating a set of effective and sustainable tools to promote awareness among EU citizens.