prominently in a sentence

The new computers were prominently displayed in the store window.

The state of the environment is expected to figure prominently at the next meeting of the major industrial nations.

Libya has always figured prominently in the Islamic State’s expansion plans.

It will also prominently feature one of the show’s most enduring motifs: a hot tub.

Not set out payment information in an advertisement more prominently than the total price.

They also featured prominently in the enraged voices of the recent wave of student protests.

As of Thursday, Google is also working to make apps feature more prominently in search results.

A Star Wars wireless mouse, also featuring Darth Vader prominently, sells separately for $40.

Etto is one of very few places in D.C. where you will find vermouth prominently featured on the menu.

The fight against IS is likely to feature prominently in the next Republican debate, later on Tuesday.