profiteer in a sentence

1 Sharp police and court action were taken against black market profiteers .

2 He has been accused of war profiteering .

3 The Soviet laws strictly prohibit private profiteering .

4 The army’s drug profiteers were alarmed.

5 Attempts at profiteering from ” social” housing must end.

6 Sheridan soon discovered that officers were engaged in profiteering .

7 The cynical and profiteering mentality this entails is depressing .

8 These improvements to governance still left plenty of room for profiteering .

9 These people were known as the “illicit profiteers “.

10 Thus the profiteer falls down and loses his intelligence.

11 I’m a profiteer of slave labor.

12 It’s about making the world safe for war profiteers .

13 She accused the US government of being allied with profiteers .

14 Protesters claimed that forecourts and oil firms were profiteering .

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has accused local authorities of profiteering from parking fines and bullying”” motorists.”

After brawling with several arms profiteers, Blacky enlists Marko to help him with his wedding.

In Nándor Kozma’s book “Hadimilliomosok” (War profiteers), he tried numbers for exact proceeds.