professorship in a sentence

She has also given lectures and completed a visiting professorship at McGill University.

The Van Winkle Melton Endowed professorship at Willamette is named in his honor.

Zorawski announced his retirement in 1935 after 46 years devoted to professorship.

Mørk holds a professorship at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo.

He was fired from his professorship, and The New School revoked his Ph.

Wangerin held professorship at Halle for more than thirty five years.

A professorship was endowed in Stone’s honor in 1998.

A professorship of dogmatics at the Catholic University of Leuven only lasted a year.

In 1939, he was awarded an unscheduled/adjunct (außerplanmäßige) professorship at Halle.

826333 He also held a professorship at Hannover’s Musihochschule for three decades.

Gwinne resigned his Gresham professorship in 1607, and attained large professional practice.

He received his PhD from Indiana in 1889, and took up a professorship of zoology there in 1891.