privatisation in a sentence

The initial privatisation programme looks relatively timid.

Rail investment had jumped again since privatisation .

So has prison privatisation here influenced judicial policy?

This obsession with privatisation is deeply worrying.

CSR has shifted the ground towards privatisation .

So is privatisation compatible with rail safety?

Railways were starved during the process of privatisation .

What is the difference between building private wings and privatisation ?

The privatisation of state enterprises had a similar impact.

Since privatisation class 66 locomotives work most freight services.

Other arguments for privatisation are now considered.

The present government also believes in privatisation .

Then there are costs linked to privatisation .

A reduction of government regulation is another form of privatisation .

The privatisation programme has also had its failures.

The policies involve privatisation on a considerable scale.

The privatisation scheme was facilitated by British aid money.

However, complete privatisation has been ruled out.

As I am sure was the case before privatisation .

For example, the impact of electricity privatisation is speculative.

Are not trusts the first step towards privatisation ?

The Bill is a preparation for privatisation .

However, the policy of privatisation was pursued.

By March 2014 the privatisation was still on hold.