Pristine in a sentence

Use Pristine in a sentence

Pristine meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] unspoiled, fresh, in original condition;

Maintaining pristine water conditions is very important for the health of the people living in the cities.

The rest rooms are super bright and pristine.

A decade back this lake was deemed pristine and pollution free.

The treated water would be pristine enough to irrigate food crops.

The car he bought has been restored to pristine condition after some time in the car service.

The rivers are pristine in our village and the fishing is excellent.

All guest rooms overlook a pristine pond and magnificent mountain views.

The amenities in the summer camp are also outstanding, including two pristine toilet facilities.

This canyon is known for its pristine wilderness and breathtaking scenery.

Oil is not the only danger to this pristine rain forest.