prime minister in a sentence

The prime minister was indicating genuine interest .

Nepal has had 19 prime ministers in 19 years.

I had never been a prime minister before.

The prime minister before him was 72.

Similar comments were made about subsequent prime ministers .

The prime minister declared the issue “settled”.

Rudd dropped 5 per cent as preferred prime minister .

prime ministers who are women are rare.

He was prime minister for 21 months.

Christie has been a thoroughly incompetent prime minister .

The prime minister said the dead included three small children.

Which prime minister was assassinated in 1991?

Stone was impressed the prime minister had attended .

Group of prime ministers attending meeting were puppets.

Japan has gone through 57 prime ministers since WW 2.

The first woman prime minister ran which country?

Which prime minister was previously secretary of state for administrative affairs?

The prime minister clearly thinks this is an excellent idea.

Was this chancellor the next prime minister ?

No prime minister before him had faced this exact situation.