Prevaricate in a sentence

Use Prevaricate in a sentence

Prevaricate meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] speak misleadingly and evasively to hide the truth;

The kids started prevaricating when the teacher asked who broke the glass.

‘I didn’t see it,’ she prevaricated.

She should not prevaricate over keeping such evil people from justice and should ban him now.

If the UK and the international community continue to prevaricate on action, we could see 100,000 people killed in Aleppo over Christmas.

Never believe a man when he prevaricates about money.

He should urgently be excused from his judicial responsibilities. It is not a matter to prevaricate on, under any guise.

And if in that situation, I prevaricate or chose to be silent, then that is wrong.

He should never prevaricate over very important matters of state.