pretty in a sentence

Fruits are usually pretty moderate when it comes to acclimating .

And those acceleration times were pretty decent.

Forward sweeping style, closely cropped around the ears accentuates pretty features.

That’s pretty abstruse , I’ll admit.

To most people, this will seem pretty abstruse .

That’s a pretty funny absurdity premise.

For one thing , the partner AI is pretty abysmal .

I was pretty academically inclined and smart overall .

Thus , even Google needs a pretty good offering to stay abreast .

He must have stopped falling pretty abruptly .

How pretty she is!
They are pretty.

I am pretty sure.

She is very pretty.

I have a pretty dog.

My sister is pretty.

She sang pretty well.

She is a pretty girl.

Is she a pretty girl?

He saw a pretty girl.

She wore a pretty hat.

She has a pretty face.

She has a pretty doll.

Junko is a pretty girl.

They look pretty close.

He is pretty well today.

It is pretty cold today.

It is pretty warm today.

I thought she was pretty.

He married a pretty girl.

He is a pretty great guy.

She looks actually pretty.