Pretentious in a sentence

Use Pretentious in a sentence

Pretentious meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] trying to seem more important, intelligent than normal;

Tom tries to be pretentious and showing himself rich and well educated in the classroom though coming from a poor family.

Many residents felt this small pool and bridge were a needless and pretentious feature in the new park.

We tried to create just an ordinary house, nothing pretentious.

While Rio belongs to the high class, she is unpretentious and has compassion for the lower class.

More annoying yet, he even has a pretentious email address.

Self-assumed and fantastic nicknames have always seemed a bit pretentious to me.

His advice, common as though it may be, is honest and unpretentious.

With an unpretentious atmosphere and a fixed menu, diners can just sit back and wait to be dazzled by dish after dish.