presumably in a sentence

She presumably will be the villain of the story.

The 3rd inspector (presumably Chris) replies “OK.

presumably as they get older the horns grow longer.

Alex, however, is presumably able to kill the clone.

presumably Jack uses these as a means to avoid work.

Fresco from Herculaneum, presumably showing a couple.

presumably freed by humans, but this is not attested.

presumably, this was an ode to Mr Shine and Mr Bright.

Destroyed in episode 31 presumably with no spare parts.

The next year he lost Bagrada, and presumably his life.

A member of The Wrecking Crew and presumably the leader.

presumably of West African descent, based on his surname.

His wife, presumably Doris, is mentioned in this episode.

Drew is often the main instigator and presumably her rival.

presumably the number “100” represented Moksha (Salvation).

presumably, what happened to Absalom would happen to Henry.

Jimba uses a sword in battle; presumably, Wyatt did as well.

They are presumably preparing material for their next album.

Gordon Leiter’, presumably a reference to G. Gordon Liddy ).

Breck is taken away, presumably to be imprisoned by the apes.

presumably nobility was still considered to have social utility.

presumably this will mean that Tyler will no longer work for SBS.

Cherry tells Matt that it’s okay, and Matt presumably cuts it off.

Jordi presumably the oldest elf due to his refined magical skills.

presumably the contemporary buyers knew that they were not genuine.

The idea was presumably that the audience could join in the singing.

Whether they are alive or not is presumably left open to speculation.

There he sees Elise, with whom he will presumably be reunited forever.

The stone was presumably transported by raft along the Siem Reap river.

This ritual is presumably used by the Justice Society of America as well.

The image that this use of the word produces is presumably unintentional.

This is presumably how part of it came to be the farm of William Dutcher.

He is not mentioned in Paradise, though he presumably ascends like Dante.

The result was his (presumably best-selling) “Forsythe P. Jones Cookbook.”

He was presumably killed by the Yeerks, along with almost every other Arn.

Justin has “Extarches” which is presumably a corrupted version of Oxyartes.

No antidote is mentioned in the books, though presumably there must be one.