Presentiment in a sentence

Use Presentiment in a sentence

Presentiment meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] a feeling that something might happen;

The dictator leader also had presentiments of his coming end.

Blanche sucked in her bottom lip with a presentiment of bad news.

I had a presentiment all the morning that something terrible was going to happen.

Seeing a white horse in a dream is said to be presentiment of death.

They have an argument over Alice’s presentiment that Dan will leave her.

The boy’s mother has a presentiment of something terrible and does not wish to listen.

The old man had a presentiment that he should not recover from his suffer.

Wolfram, who loves her with faithful devotion, has a presentiment of her death.

This soldier had a strong presentiment that he should fall in action, telling one of his comrades of this feeling.