preseason in a sentence

He was a preseason Ray Guy Award watchlist nominee.

Culpepper had suffered a foot injury in the preseason.

Moore was joined on the preseason squad by teammate Tina Charles.

The Dolphins also totaled 14 quarterbacks sacks during the preseason.

FOX Sports preseason All-American list included him on its fifth team.

Lyon ended the preseason with a record of 1 win, 3 draws, and 2 defeats.

This would prevent him from practicing for the majority of the preseason.

Paul Keels and Anthony Munoz are the TV announcers for the preseason games.

preseason The Lady Vols had just come off of a somewhat bittersweet season.

preseason The Tribe were not nationally ranked heading into the 2004 season.

The addition of Francis helped propel the Terrapins to a 5 preseason ranking.

When Batch was injured in the preseason, however, Roethlisberger moved up to no.

Clarett, however, was unimpressive in the Denver Broncos’ preseason training camp.

In a preseason exhibition the Rockets lost at home to the Detroit Pistons 123-119.

2005-06 season Boston College entered the 2005-06 season as a participant of the preseason NIT.

The Buccaneers’ first preseason game was also postponed (from Saturday to Monday) due to the storm.

During the 2003 preseason Michael Vick broke his leg and missed the first twelve games of the season.

Utah Stars vs. NBA teams The ABA teams frequently played exhibition games in the preseason vs. NBA teams.

preseason All-Big Ten players On October 26, the Big Ten media selected Purdue as the preseason top team.

By the time the fall of 2009 arrived, Kansas was the unanimous preseason 1 team in all major publications.

Teague was one of nine players who were selected for the midseason list who were not selected in the preseason.

Switzer was arrested during the preseason after a handgun was found in his luggage at an airport metal detector.

The season started with Trent Green injuring his leg in preseason that would sideline him for the entire season.