Prescient in a sentence

Use Prescient in a sentence

Prescient meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective]having fore-knowledge, knowing what will happen in the future;

I think it was Jules Verne, in his prescient way, who first predicted the rise of the internet.

News sources have noted the future technologies depicted in the film were prescient.

The book , published in 1966, was also remarkably prescient. When you read it, you can see most of the presumptions are true for today.

They knew something very bad was going to happen because they were quite prescient.

It is clear that George Lucas’ incredibly prescient visions of the future have always been eerily similar to our own political situation.

George Orwell has been much cited as a prescient figure in understanding post-truth. I think you shoud read his novel “1984” to understand the political situation in some underdeveloped countries.