Prerogative in a sentence

Use Prerogative in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] right or privilege ;

Education during the Middle Age was the prerogative of the rich people.

She refused to discuss why she did it, and that’s her prerogative .

It is a mother’s prerogative to draw those nice looks.

During this time, the President may not use his prerogative to dissolve the National Assembly and call early elections.

The King decided to abstain from exercising his prerogative to name a successor to the throne.

He was also forced to surrender royal prerogatives.

It is unlikely that this Royal prerogative was often exercised.

That’s his prerogative as a citizen.

She claims to own the campus and that allowing of forbidding access is her prerogative.

It’s her prerogative whether or not she desires to be in contact with you.