preoccupied with in a sentence

They are much too preoccupied with appearance.

Harold was more preoccupied with medical matters.

Peoples in past generations were preoccupied with survival.

They are too preoccupied with their own fight.

Management is preoccupied with the exploding elementary problems.

The man became preoccupied with women and vice versa.

Why is america so preoccupied with race ?

We are not preoccupied with such things.

French foreign policy has been preoccupied with Germany ever since.

Second, liberalism today has become preoccupied with sex.

Until 1949 China was preoccupied with civil war.

Fully 80 percent of the population are preoccupied with money problems.

Most of the responses here are still preoccupied with sex.

He’s been too preoccupied with his driving.

The characters are totally preoccupied with themselves and ignore the viewer.

Today, our education system is preoccupied with standardized tests.

The whole posse is preoccupied with things supernatural.

Sir James himself has become preoccupied with Green issues.