premium || in a sentence

How much is the premium?

Our most popular premium coffee sells for $20 a pound.

The monthly premium for our car insurance is approximately $75.

He has expensive tastes, and will only buy premium cuts of meat.

My monthly life insurance premiums are increasing as I get older.

Land in desirable locations has always commanded a premium.

Good food provides the body with premium fuel to perform at its peak.

Our premium green tea is a blend of top quality green teas from China.

Your house insurance premiums will probably go up as a result of the fire you had.

We bought a couple of quarts of premium quality olive oil while we were at the market.

If you buy premium gas for your car, it will run cleaner, and require less maintenance.

This premium wine has subtle tastes of chocolate and cherries that make it quite special.

Employees have to pay 50% of their health insurance premiums through deductions from their paycheck.

We pay a premium rate of 10 cents a minute for telephone calls anywhere in the continental U.


The yearly premium on our house insurance has gone down slightly because we’ve never made any claims on it.

According to a recent survey, alcoholic lemonade is currently outselling premium bottled beers in British pubs.

To receive medical coverage, you must pay a monthly premium, and the rate you pay depends upon family size and income.

The government’s new benefit plan provides for health services for low-income families through payment of a yearly premium.

Our medical system, whereby citizens pay monthly premiums, and then receive largely free health care, is considered by many to be one of the best in the world.

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The luxury downturn has already hit German premium brands BMW and Audi.

Instead, their premium will be the same what they paid the previous year.

There’s abundant evidence that when health insurers merge, premiums rise.

Any point you can touch is premium and soft even with the base LX model.”

Health care costs rise pretty much every year, as does the Part B premium.