Predict in a sentence

Scientists predict 2020 while soldiers predict 2025.

Do general personality traits predict expert performance?

The defect symmetry allows predicting many optical properties.

Teams are listed in predicted finishing order.

A 10% price increase was predicted for 1992.

Some scholars predict global unrest will follow.

Any type of sibling aggression predicted worse mental health.

These four teams are doing much better than predicted .

Trading depends upon being able to predict future prices.

More extensive operations are predicted for 1895.

The news was predicting that thousands might die.

But does history help predict the future?

Earlier opinion polls predicted a relatively easy win.

It is useful when predict consumer act.

There is no single prominent risk factor predicting dropout.

Other future developments are harder to predict .

Long-term global population growth is difficult to predict .

Brain size does not predict general cognitive ability within families.

The death toll was predicted to rise.

The number of plans predicts health behaviour change.

It is predicted to double within 25 years.

Exit polls had predicted a government loss.

The 1971 plan predicted limited growth in population.

These ratings also predict behavior towards those objects.

This model has been shown to accurately predict retention behavior.