Predecessor in a sentence

Use Predecessor in a sentence

Predecessor ;

Meaning: [noun] one who came before;

The game is markedly more difficult than its predecessor.

McGrath’s predecessor as deputy chief of staff, Adrienne King, earned $175,000.

Fran was a writer at the Dolphin Cove website, the predecessor to N-Sider.

Relations between the two countries suffered considerably under Buhari’s predecessor Goodluck Jonathan.

The President has suggested that his predecessor misled the country about the size of the deficit.

The show was more serialized than its predecessors.

The organization has several predecessor organizations and a complicated history.

The system runs better and is improving faster than its predecessor.

Farley and his predecessor Charles W. Culkin would stand accused of embezzling over $25,000 in interest.

The song was originally released as a single in early 1980 by Seafood Mama, Quarterflash’s predecessor band.