Predatory – Predator in a sentence

use Predatory in a sentence


[adjective] Living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey;

Lions are predatory animals.

The population of wild rabbits is controlled somewhat by predatory animals such as owls and eagles.

The largest predatory dinosaurs didn’ t cross paths; they lived in different times and places.

[adjective]Living by or given to victimizing others for personal gain;

The corporation’s predatory practices in business have earned the company a bad reputation.

It is terrifying to think children might be approached over the internet by predatory men – within a matter of minutes of entering a chat room.


[noun] Any animal that lives by preying on other animals;

Some animals excrete toxic substances through their skin to deter predators.

When attacked, an octopus can excrete a dark, inky substance to confuse predators.

Grazing animals such as cows are quite vulnerable to attacks from predators because they have to eat frequently.

A frog’s skin reflects the same amount of ultraviolet light as its immediate surroundings. This characteristic protects the animal from predators like snakes.

As a top predator foxes have no natural enemies.

[noun] Someone who lives by robbing;

The attacker or predator who injures people must be punished and removed from the community on which he preys.

The man responsible for the attack is a dangerous predator.