Precipice in a sentence

Use Precipice in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] steep side or slope of a rock, mountain; dangerous situation ;

It is alleged that Wellington was hit with a stone and pushed over a precipice.

We were all being pushed towards an unseen precipice by the soldiers and luckily we all survived.

The cliffs and precipices of hills allure and excite tourists.

For a team on the precipice once again in these playoffs, it was an inspiring, if mystifying, start.

Byron takes refuge from his pursuers on a precipice overlooking the canyon.

Livy has the pack animals plunging over precipices “almost like masonry stones.

He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off.

The track was two miles long and ended in a precipice.

At the edge of the precipice he sat down, not fearing the height.

We are standing right there on the precipice waiting for the whisper of courage to give us the strength to jump.

An official investigation concluded later that the three were probably washed off of a precipice by a high wave.