Precarious in a sentence

Use Precarious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] unstable; risky and can easily or quickly become worse;

My granddad’s health still remains precarious, despite the successful operation.

His position right now is pretty precarious.

My balance was precarious and I was scared of falling.

We really don’t know how to change the company’s precarious financial position.

The population had expanded, making the food supply more precarious .

Afternoon high winds can make boating precarious.

The family’s finances are still precarious since Tom resigned from his position.

Living in a glass house is a precarious situation.

The school has been left in a precarious financial position.

The horse was in a precarious situation after the accident.

Their future and security are precarious in the city.

The position of the garrison looked increasingly precarious .

They have a very precarious water balance.