pre-configured in a sentence

Certain products are pre-configured in a similar fashion, eg.

Each application is pre-configured to know what policy it requires.

They also use pre-configured templates based on common integration scenarios to accelerate integration.

Add pre-configured custom fields to proofs.

Distributions typically contains pre-packaged and pre-configured set of tools.

The kit comes pre-configured , so no difficult setup or networking knowledge is required.

Centria setup The WNDR 4720 ships with wireless networking pre-configured .

A great example of this is how everything is pre-configured and ready to roll.

Students attending this course are required to bring their own laptops pre-configured per the instructions below.

The operating system downloaded to the BOOTP device is pre-configured for a specific IP address.

PowerConnect switches are available in pre-configured web-managed models as well as more expensive managed models.

Why settle for expensive USB 3.0 drive kits , pre-configured storage capacity or generic docking stations?

Content Hub Appliance is a pre-configured virtual environment where all EntropySoft products are already installed.

I would argue that they are employing one that has been pre-configured rather than using one.

The laptops are pre-configured to a secure standard build before they are delivered to the roadside patrols.

We have created an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with ZRM pre-configured .

ASCEND is a pre-configured and enhanced version of Siebel Clinical , Oracle’s CTMS.

This virtual machines are pre-configured and can be set to browse any domain of Ensembl Genomes.