potentially in a sentence

Our words are potentially ambiguous.

Iran is potentially the largest producer of oil in the Middle East.

A car is a potentially lethal weapon in the hands of a dangerous driver.

The disease is very serious, and is potentially fatal if left untreated.

A computer virus is a form of software which can infect your system, and potentially destroy your data.

A recent study shows that the Arctic ice-cap is melting at an unprecedented rate, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Mayweather potentially has more to lose in a fight against Pacquiao.

It began to notify the other potentially infected patients this week.

We hope to look at this and potentially do more in the future, he said.

What the products can enable at businesses was potentially breathtaking.

potentially the biggest impact of QE will be to further weaken the euro.

They all view India as a potentially lucrative market for years to come.

To actually know that we potentially saved lives – that means something.

Anything that will potentially put a patient at risk is very frustrating.

Or rather, it’s what’s around this star that is potentially very special.

potentially this could affect all of our customers, Harding told the BBC.

potentially with what’s in there, only because the process is very slow.

It’s a small outlay for a potentially life-changing return on investment.

“It’s another potentially great advance in the treatment of hypertension.