postwar in a sentence

The postwar era was marked by widespread political corruption.

The project continued postwar but was eventually abandoned.

The postwar period saw dramatic population and economic growth.

The postwar era brought Japan unprecedented prosperity.

This system is synonymous with the postwar national security state.

Key evidence was deliberately eliminated or dispersed during the postwar period.

Another three churches were demolished in the postwar period.

Japan began the postwar period with heavy import barriers.

High productivity growth played a key role in postwar economic growth.

The postwar cult of personality had two ubiquitous icons.

This theory gained adherents in the postwar period.

Many aircraft were retrieved from postwar storage and refurbished.

In the postwar years the walls degraded.

Such freedoms are delineated in the postwar constitution without qualification.

The postwar period also witnessed significant improvements in housing conditions.

These fundamental needs persisted into the postwar period.

The planet faces a huge task of national postwar reconstruction .

It failed; the postwar era began badly.

During the early postwar years, tensions were high.

A powerful businessman who helped build postwar Japan.

During this early postwar period Christian churches made considerable progress.

He was mayor during the postwar British occupation.

However, postwar Europe faced grave problems.

Without that subsidy, postwar history might have gone very differently.