postcode in a sentence

The city’s postcode is 90 000.

All UK postcodes except those listed below.

Free results have phone numbers and full addresses including postcodes .

The postcode area is part of the outward code.

The local postcode starts with BT78.

Since 2010, the ten blocks feature contestants from certain postcodes .

The island’s postcode is PA41.

Provide a very comprehensive index of places and postcodes .

On 1 May 1967 postcodes were introduced in Croydon.

It crosses all ages and societies and postcodes .

The postcodes are alphanumeric and between six and eight characters long.

Find your nearest broker using the postcode search on the right.

It certainly makes a the postcode system look a bit silly.

Please provide your postcode AND suburb when asking for costs .

Each postcode is divided by a space into two parts.

Then, she asked for my postcode instead.

Could you give me your full postcode please?

What about people in the adjacent postcode ?

Cargill recalled a time of postcode wars between rival gangs .

Oh – and tell us your postcode , please!

A number of parks are within the Sydenham postcode .

Australia Post provides mail services with the postcode 6799.

I was able to search the online dating site by my postcode .

During 1971 occupants of addresses began to receive notification of their postcode .

To obtain a shipping quote , please provide your postcode AND suburb.