Post-war in a sentence

post-war housing constructed throughout Houston reflects many architectural styles.

post-war , defences were dismantled commencing late 1945.

post-war samurai epics tended to portray psychologically or physically scarred warriors.

The company worked on tight profit margins immediately post-war .

The present building complex is very largely a post-war reconstruction.

The post-war years saw dramatic growth in “big science”.

During post-war years prices of copper dropped.

The post-war ware has little value at auction.

This enrollment schedule continued through the post-war years until 1951.

Nevertheless the post-war reconstruction took place very slowly.

This chapter focuses upon the post-war retirement debate.

However, early post-war housing projects were often poorly designed.

post-war slides tend to be of aluminum.

In the immediate post-war years the special relationship almost collapsed.

The post-war map may also have been much different.

The post-war period had not yet achieved an experiential identity.

post-war though, these forces never regained their autonomy.

The post-war era saw additional pressures on the glass industry.