post office in a sentence

The historic building has remained a post office ever since.

Rural post offices in particular are important institutions.

Not everyone sent their letters through centralized post offices .

The post office remained in operation however until 1942.

New post offices were opened, administrative departments were reorganized.

Call your local post office for information.

post office will not deliver without postage.

A second tent was the general store and post office .

This site being required for a post office .

Another who ran the local post office .

The post office is well known for losing mail.

Seller claims the post office lost the package.

post office box or a practice location is acceptable.

The post office just ignores the forwarding order.

These types of refunds are not handled through local post offices .

post office box does not meet this requirement.

Telephone switching was done at the post office .

The campground had its own railroad station and post office .

A rice mill was built and a post office opened.

The stamps were distributed to 41 post offices and shops.

The municipality has 28 post offices and a telegraph office.

The attack took place in the main post office .

He is working in the post office .

One was disguised as a post office worker.

There are many other local unincorporated communities and post offices .

There are three post offices in the sanctuary.