portfolio in a sentence

The total portfolio exceeds nine hundred million.

The total portfolio is worth nearly $8 million.

Our global school improvement portfolio is extremely diverse.

Project portfolio management has become a hot topic.

The portfolio is filled with impressive graphic design pieces.

This means that balanced portfolios are generally vested.

That portfolio includes oversight of contractor operations.

They encourage foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment.

She has taught studio art and portfolio preparation courses since 1992.

Effective portfolio management involves both strategic and tactical portfolio management.

The new portfolio is organized around four significant thematic areas.

Midwest asset acceptance group provides portfolio review and valuation.

Net foreign investment also includes portfolio investment.

Direct and portfolio investments are freely permitted.

Smaller and less diversified portfolios particularly pronounced since 2003.

Strategic research portfolio analysis and coordination plan.

Many registered management investment companies have multiple portfolios .

Direct investment is differently motivated than is portfolio investment.