Portend in a sentence

Use Portend in a sentence


Meaning: [verb]foretell, to show that something is going to happen;

This convention portends the coming of great political change.

High income inequality usually portends social unrest and long-term poor economic performance.

The deep red of the setting sun portended fine weather.

Exciting new products portend continued rapid growth in future years.

In general, more advanced stages of cancer portend a poorer prognosis and are less amenable to treatment.

At least 13 were killed on May 1 , portending an equally violent month.

It ‘s a shocker and a portend of things to come.

This new phase of globalization portends major benefits for the global economy.

there was a stir in that camp which portended evil somewhere.

This development portends deepening instability in Lebanon.

Improvements in these skills could portend better longer-term outcomes.