porcelain in a sentence

At present porcelain tile production is developing.

Bones (Remains) is a work in porcelain replicating a set of bones, Ai said to the Royal Academy’s magazine.

China has become synonymous with high-quality porcelain.

Goldblum, himself looking prim with a porcelain saucer and teacup in hand, says he found this “wildly touching.”

It does have a quite famous porcelain factory.

Many of these binders are porcelain -like in nature.

Meissen porcelain was once-fired, or green-fired.

Northern Song celadon porcelain, 10th century, China.

porcelain has a dielectric strength of about 4-10 kV/mm.

porcelain veneers provide patients with many advantages and a glossy, natural finish.

She wore a golden dragon gown to Cannes in 2010 and a gown inspired by a Chinese porcelain vase in 2012.

These sunflower seeds are deceptively realistic, yet they were all handcrafted in porcelain by hundreds of artisans.

Treasures: Why does this porcelain Nippon cup have a hole in the bottom?

We love the new design, said Sacramento porcelain veneers dentist Dr. Arthur Kwan.

White porcelain wine pot, Horim Museum, Seoul :282.

; China : Modification (influenced by China, the country) of Persian chn(Chinese) porcelain.

A veneer is a very thin shell of porcelain that can replace or cover part of the enamel of the tooth.

Also imports from Asia, including porcelain, cloth and wallpaper.

Also in 2002, the China Braille Publishing House published Harry Potter and the porcelain Doll.