Popeye in a sentence

Popeye later attributed his strength to spinach.
And Popeye is merely showing clips from old cartoons.
The popularity of Popeye helped boost spinach sales.
Popeye is a prize fighter again, too.
Olive is probably better off with Popeye .
Popeye , unfortunately, always remained funny looking.
And Popeye has super strength, too!
Popeye joins them and the sparks fly.
Popeye does likewise with a sailor’s song.
Popeye holds his own against Hercules until the big guy cheats..
I am wondering about Popeye’s rank.
Popeye gives Olive a beauty treatment (ex.
In fact, they almost kiss twice before Popeye interrupts.
Breaking news: Popeye was right about eating spinach.
Two days later, the tigers developed Popeye .
A fly beats up Popeye and drives him crazy.
Olive uses the device to call for Popeye .
Popeye’s pipe also proves to be highly versatile.
So listen to Popeye and eat your spinach!