Pontificate in a sentence

Use Pontificate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] speak pompously or dogmatically in a way that shows you are certainly right;the position or period of being Pope;

Politicians are always pontificating about the problems of the society.

Some sit and pontificate about whether leaders are made or born.

She pontificates, as too many do , on how great kids were and how crappy they are now .

It is easy to pontificate from the outside.

There is a Fleet Street tradition of retaining a corpus of outside experts to pontificate on major issues.

Before his pontificate, the world was divided into blocs.

He concluded eighteen such treaties during the course of his pontificate.

The first church here was built during the pontificate of Boniface IX ( 1389 – 1404 ).

There are lots of experts in Turkey who pontificate on the issue of the education.