politically in a sentence

He needed guidance from the politically experienced Cosgrave.

politically, the Jewish population remained strongly liberal.

The Lehi veterans organized politically as the Fighters Party.

First this made himself superior both politically and mentally.

He remained politically active through the late 1970s and 1980s.

Far Away and “Combat Rock” are both politically conscious songs.

Typically, these tend to be politically to the left or far left.

Chrysaphius’s death sentence was apparently politically motivated.

The thesis of Thallheimer and Béla Kun is politically totally false.

Muslims in Tajikistan also organized politically in the early 1990s.

He claimed his removal was politically motivated Walsh, Mary Williams.

The revelations severely damaged the company financially and politically.

The borough of Tuckerton is within the township but is politically independent.

It was thus as radical politically and philosophically, as it was theologically.

Whether to remove, replace, or rebuild the viaduct is a politically charged issue.

The Bitter Sea The Bitter Sea is the most politically active area of the continent.

Sons of Condran- Tribe on the Isle of Eire that is politically opposed to the Scots.