Polemical in a sentence

Use Polemical in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] causing debate or argument ;

They present various polemical arguments against the scientific theory of evolution.

His writings were polemical , sharply attacking the leading figures of his time.

Parry’s focus is on the polemical and satirical goals of his book.

Since 2002 , the writer has attracted attention by making increasingly polemical statements.

He is known for his provocative and sometimes polemical style of argumentation.

With these new polemical works came the issue of what was the purpose of the western countries.

Luther was making a polemical point about the scope of these books .

He revealed a strong polemical and satirical bent that he directed against colonial abuses.

He then took his energetic , polemical and provocative act to the theater.

A great number of polemical works against Latins were written in this time.