pointless in a sentence

It is pointless allocating hours of teaching to irrelevant material.

The ending was utterly pointless after everything that had been before.

Without such a real right it is pointless .

Trying to explain the bonds is pointless anymore.

It seemed such a pointless act of heroism.

It is pointless to believe everyone is ever going to disagree.

The search for the perfect strip club was pointless .

It seemed pointless to repeat the process.

It is therefore seemingly pointless to carry around a larger instrument.

That shows how pointless his argument was.

It is pointless to trade for negotiating rights.

It was such a pointless waste of life.

Even your ” signature” is more pointless that normal.

Meaning any sort of air rush is pointless .

The debate over settlements is moot and pointless .

It just made the entire series feel pointless .

It has no feelings and getting emotional is pointless .

To argue with the old man was pointless .

Another example of this pointless confrontational attitude .

Taking a one hour lesson each week is pointless .

He had learned that fighting the ropes was pointless .

But buying equipment for its own sake is pointless .

What a pointless tracker, truly pathetic!