podium in a sentence

Use podium in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] a raised platform for a performer, speaker, a show or etc.; a high place to put a book or notes on;

During her racing career she reached the podium 20 times.

Several actors and actresses took the podium and criticized the war.

Both candidates spoke in front of a podium.

As they left the podium at the end of the ceremony they were booed by many in the crowd.

He preached in churches , lectured in universities, took the podium at conferences.

He eventually finished on the final podium position in third.

Kanaan finished 6th with three podium finishes.

Currie finished second, his second podium of the weekend.

Despite not achieving a podium , they ended the season with twelve points, seventh out of the thirteen original entries.

It achieved three podiums and scored 44 championship points.

At an August Board of Supervisors meeting, Garrick and Clark protested the inflexibility of the Supervisors by refusing to leave the podium , and were arrested for disturbing the peace.