Plumage in a sentence

use Plumage in a sentence


The feathers on a bird’s body;

He was wearing a gold necklace and a coat made of bird plumage.

The male peacock has colorful tail plumage.

The bald eagle is referred to as bald because of the white plumage on its head.

A bird’s bones weigh less than its plumage.

The costume of Sesame Street’s Big Bird is made of turkey plumage, dyed yellow.

Many of the women at the party had very elaborate hairdos, complete with plumage, flowers and multi-colored beads and braids.

The existence of a dinosaur fossil with plumage has cast doubt on the theory that birds are descended from dinosaurs.

Scientists believe they have found the fossil of a dinosaur which seems to show evidence of some kind of plumage.

Until 1850, golf balls were made of leather, and stuffed with plumage.

 I can’t sleep with this duvet because it is stuffed with plumage, and I’m allergic to them.