Pliable in a sentence

Use Pliable in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] flexible; (a person) easily influenced and controlled by people;

This fabric is waterproof, tough, durable, and pliable .

When the skin becomes dry, it isn’t as pliable.

The new rules make workers more pliable to the demands made by the boss.

They think Asians are more pliable than their fellow Arabs.

Green parts are soft, pliable, and over time will lose shape.

This would give Johnson an excuse to force a sale to a more pliable owner.

When the grape is young the trunk is very pliable and must be supported by stakes as part of a vine training system.

Babies feet are very soft and pliable with padding surrounding the foot.

This is a plasticiser that makes polymers soft and pliable .

Nina was still pliable , uninterested in her situation.