playing violin in a sentence

She started playing violin three years later.

He learn painting and playing violin in his childhood .

I really feel I am better at playing violin than ever before.

Now, I’m back to playing violin exclusively.

Buwa exploited his proficiency in playing violin with a vengeance!

During this time, Minkus continued playing violin in professional capacities.

So she was really my first choice for playing violin on the album.

Occasionally, two other musicians would accompany her, playing violin and flute.

I listen to classical music ; I’ve been playing violin since I was five.

We also have a brand new member named Suvo Sur playing violin and keyboards.

He was playing violin at age 3 and at 10 performed for Queen Elizabeth II .

Georgia spoke about her time playing violin with groups of international musicians in San Diego , California.

In addition to playing violin , Jeanne is also a writer, editor, painter and classical radio announcer.

The two boys got on remarkably well, playing violin duets, and engaging in friendly contests of virtuosity.

Sousa began his career playing violin and studying music theory and composition under John Esputa and George Felix Benkert.

On 27 March 1905 Henry Sandell filed an application for a United States patent for an electric self playing violin .

Maxim Vengerov, who started playing violin at the age of five, was awarded with several prestigious awards including Grammy.

After earning the necessary money by playing violin in Cairo, Port Said and Bombay, he travelled to Sri Lanka.

A continuation of the study of the Basic techniques of teaching and playing violin , viola, violoncello, and string bass.