Plaintiff in a sentence

Use Plaintiff in a sentence

Plaintiff ;

Meaning: [noun]someone bringing a legal action against another individual at a court;

Alejandro Cruz-Guzman is one of the plaintiffs in the case.

A nominal $1 in damages will also be paid to the plaintiff.

All of the plaintiffs owed at least $1,200 in fines and fees.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs said they would appeal the ruling.

And I’m curious which new findings the plaintiffs will present.

A judge ruled in favor of Shulman and the plaintiffs he represented.

An attorney for the plaintiffs did not return a request for comment.

An attorney for the plaintiffs could not immediately be reached for comment.

A ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in the K-12 litigation could add over $250 million in new spending.

A former plaintiff whose case had been dismissed by Judge Lefkow claims credit for the murder in a suicide note.