Plague in a sentence

use Plague in a sentence


1. [noun] Any epidemic disease with a high death rate;

During the height of the Plague years, between 1344 to 1353, as many as 20 million people in Europe died as a result of the disease.

During the bubonic plague “Black Death” of London, the city was sealed off to avoid contamination.

2. [noun] Any large scale destruction or suffering;

Television is a plague which has resulted in vast numbers of our population becoming lazy and fat through inactivity.

A plague of locusts has completely destroyed all the vegetation over thousands of miles of land.

There has been a plague of gang-related murders in the city in recent months.

[verb] to cause any large scale destruction;

The country has long been plagued by an ongoing conflict with separatist rebels in its northern territories.

The team’s popular captain has been plagued by knee injuries for most of the season.

Inflation has plagued the economy for years, and the government seems powerless to stop it.