Placate in a sentence

use Placate in a sentence


cause someone to stop feeling angry; to calm, appease;

The manager somehow managed to placate the angry customers.

Management tried to placate labor by offering them a bonus.

Only a sincere apology will placate my anger.

The cabinet resignation is unlikely to placate protesters, who demand the end of military rule.

Tom’s head still hurt and to placate it he shut his eyes and listened without watching.

The chairman, perplexed and embarrassed, did his best to placate his guests.

First, to placate the protesters, the government might adopt some of their problematic proposals.

Putin has to bring something home to soothe the generals, placate public opinion, and ease the crisis of Russian security.

It’s a waste of time trying to placate these furious people.

So the northern leaders sought to placate the south by granting more power to opposition parties.